In business, there are always several ways to reach a goal. We will help you choose the most suitable one.

We advise and support the company's activities since its creation.

Sometimes you need the perspective and advice of a bystander to understand the strengths and sometimes the weaknesses of your actions.

Business plans & consulting

Both a starting company and an already operating company sometimes need a review and analysis of plans and activities. This gives an opportunity to impartially review whether the planned activity can bring success or if something can be improved.
In addition to preparing business plans, we also assist in the establishment of companies and support companies that have already started.

Prices of services


Preparation of a business plan for a start-up company - from 499 EUR

Preparation of the company's business plan - from 699 EUR

Consultation for establishing a company and business consulting - from 39 EUR/hour

To get more information about the services or to request a price/make an order, send a request to the online form, send an e-mail to sales@eservices.ee or call (+372) 661 6000.




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