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We help both in conducting sales campaigns and in the effective organization of daily sales.

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Marketing & sales assistance

Customers notice the product or service that is offered when it is really needed. This requires many different ones.
Companies occasionally or quite often lack both time and knowledge on how to market their products and services more, faster and more optimally. Sometimes you don't need a separate person for this - it's enough to start or sometimes support.
Larger companies in the case of individual projects and, for example, trade fairs, smaller ones also in daily sales operations. However, it is quite common for start-up companies that the owner of the company deals with sales in addition to other responsibilities.
We have created a number of marketing and sales support services, the purpose of which is to help boost the company's sales activities sometimes or in the form of campaigns.
You don't need to hire people or figure out how to sell. We will help!
Sales support services include:
  • needs mapping
  • website analysis and optimization
  • analysis and launch of sales channels
  • the service of the company's sales representative (either continuously or for a certain period)
  • conducting campaigns (using individual and personal e-mails or mass mailings, telephone sales)
  • preparing a sales plan for products and services
  • creating, organizing and filling the database of potential customers
  • preparation of promotional materials and web pages of the campaign
  • creating marketing plans
Our sales representatives present themselves as employees of your company, and the result is exactly as it would be reasonable to sell a given service or product. Easier and for a more everyday product/service, the result is the sale itself. In the case of a more complex and knowledge-intensive product/service, successful sales work is the result primary customer interest and desire to receive more detailed feedback and an offer. Then you continue
We have prepared separate packages for introducing your products/services through various sales channels, as well as, for example, hiring sales representatives for trade fairs and conducting various campaigns
And if you yourself do not know how to find the best sales channel for your product/service or you are not sure how to ensure the best way to reach the customer, then with the help of our marketing and design specialists we will reach the best solution together.

Prices of services


Start-up marketing package - from 799 EUR

Company marketing package - from 99 EUR/month

Sales support package for a start-up company - from 79 EUR/month

The company's sales support package - from 99 EUR/month 


Sales and marketing consulting - from 39 EUR/hour

Implementation of sales and marketing projects - ask for an offer


To get more information about the services or to request a price/make an order, send a request to the online form, send an e-mail to or call (+372) 661 6000.




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