From the logo on the company's door, the website on the internet or the business card at the first meeting - the design leaves a first impression.

Most purchases are made based on packaging, looks and compatibility - make it work for you!

If you don't know exactly what you want, get in touch and we'll figure it out together!

Design & printing

Every company, organization, project, brand or product has its own identity, which is important for both sales and sustainability. Our design services help solve established problems or create new solutions. Whether it is a logo, website design or online environment - if they are well thought out and beautiful, they speak to the customer much more confidently!

During the service design process, the points of contact between the customer and the service provider are identified, for example, it can be the company's website, business card, logo or form. The customer's opinion often depends on the attractiveness and clarity of the point of contact, which in turn affects the consumer's experience, but the company's structure and division of labor are also important. In service design, a distinction is made between the part of the service provider's work that is visual and/or tangible to the consumer, and the part that is invisible to the customer. With this, we create the best solution that helps the company to develop, grow and survive. With our design services, you save time and money, without losing the quality of the service.  

Prices of services


A package of design and printing services for a start-up company - from 199 EUR

The company's design and printing services package - from 289 EUR

Print media design services - from 39 EUR

Web design services - from 199 EUR

Other design-related services - ask for an offer

To get more information about the services or to request a price/make an order, send a request to the online form, send an e-mail to or call (+372) 661 6000.




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