Accounting is an important activity and its organization can sometimes be time-consuming and complex

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Accounting services

Just as there are different needs and expectations for accounting on the part of the client, eServices offers different and flexible accounting solutions. Together with the company manager, we will try to find the best solution for you. In the selection of eServices services, various accounting packages have been created for, for example, a starting company, already operating companies, apartment associations, etc. At the same time, it is possible to prepare a set of services for each company that meets its wishes.
We offer accounting services to companies, apartment associations, non-profit organizations and private entrepreneurs all over Estonia. The customer can access our systems via the Internet, depending on the eRaamatupidamis package.
In our work, we use accounting software Merit Aktiva, which has proven itself as a reliable solution with versatile options for the accounting needs of various companies.
The accounting software is located on our secure server, which is guaranteed to have multiple power supplies, backups, and quick and professional problem solving in the event of an emergency.
Accounting includes both day-to-day bookkeeping and many other necessary activities, such as payroll, personnel accounting, tax accounting, fixed asset accounting, annual reports, etc. Also, accounting consists of daily, periodic and one-time activities. In addition, reports are necessary for different interest groups in different fields. eServices offers you all these accounting services.


Prices of services


Accounting service for a start-up company - from 79 EUR/month

Small business accounting service - from 129 EUR/month

"Riiulifirma" accounting service - from 49 EUR/month

Apartment association accounting service - from 3 EUR/month per apartment (depends on the number of apartments in the association) 

Calculation of employee wages - from 7 EUR/month per employee (depends on the number of employees and the selected accounting package)

Accounting service as a timework - from 39 EUR/hour

Other services related to accounting - ask for an offer


To get more information about the services or to request a price/make an order, send a request to the online form, send an e-mail to or call (+372) 661 6000.




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