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About us

eServices Group was created from the practical needs faced by all managers of start-ups as well as small and medium-sized companies. Dealing with various ancillary activities that support the core business takes a lot of time and resources. You have to learn the wisdom of different fields, such as law, accounting, design, etc., which interferes with focusing on the core business. In addition, their quality and suitability to the core activities of the organization often significantly affect the results of the entire company. And sometimes the so-called "back-office" also interferes with the successful core business.
With its activities, eServices Group tries to help organize the daily and routine activities of companies, i.e. support services. The selection we offer is characterized by innovation, professionalism, speed and simplicity. We approach each problem and client separately and try to find out what exactly your company needs. The client can get help from us in one area as well as complex and mutually supporting services, which would ensure a solution that actually works and brings benefits to the client.
Business and support services include legal and postal address service, accounting, legal services and consulting throughout the company's life cycle, HR services, business planning and analysis, information technology, design, marketing and sales support. This list is certainly not final.
As our cooperation partners and customers, we see all companies, apartment associations and individual entrepreneurs who are suitable to focus on their core business and organize their business easily and cheaply. This is our strength, with which we can support your business.
eServices Group is very flexible in both service offering and pricing policy. In addition to individual services, we have created packages suitable for organizations of a certain size, industry or stage of development. At the same time, the needs of each company are different, which also change over time. If there is no suitable package among the packages, it is possible to prepare the required set of services separately. We are customer-focused to ensure a long-term and trusting partnership.
Our wish is to support the development of your company and to be your best partner in the provision of business and support services.
Your, eServices Group